December 7th, 2011

So my presentation has come and gone, and I will write more about it later – but I think it went awesome – and others told me that to, so it must be so…

I will link the video when it’s posted, but it was so much fun, it went too fast – but totally worth doing.

I loved having the opportunity to come here and share my story, and feel very lucky to have done so.

More on Dubai later – back to some sessions!!

Guest Post!

November 24th, 2011

It was all a dream at one point. But now a reality. Ph.D. Diabetes Educator. Now Dubai. They say ‘you can’t’ but I proved I can.

That begs the question, what next?

I know the answer. But we’ll just have to wait and see. But if life has taught me anything…it’s that with your eye on the goal, faith and a lot of hard work, it’s all possible.

Sarah (Jason’s other – and better – half)

Count down to Dubai

November 9th, 2011

23 days until we go!!  Nervous a little, and a lot excited!!

Happy Transplantaversary to me!

July 12th, 2011

6 years ago today, my life took a drastic and major change.  Today I can honestly say, I never knew life could be like it is today.  I was just so hard impossible difficult before.  I never really understood what a more normal life could be.

Thanks to the medical team, doctors, nurses, scientists, family, donors, and supporters..  Its been quite a ride, not always perfect, but its my life now, and I will live it however I choose.

Pumping for Paintball?!

July 8th, 2011

Join us for another Connected in Motion community event for Paintball.  Who will be the first ‘low’ casualty of the evening?

T1′s – ever want to shoot a member of the ‘diabetes police’?

Friends or family?  Ever want to shoot a T1?

Pumpers vs Injections?  Diabetics vs non-diabetics?

Paintball may be the perfect outlet for you!!

Details in the flyer – I created a Facebook group for it as well, and we can have up to 50 people, so call your friends, enemies, and family, and come on out for a great 5 hours of fun just outside of Moncton.

Mission Paintball will be hosting us, and thanks to Mark Evers for his connections there!

Please distribute to your networks for the Maritimes – fellowship for people with T1 diabetes is so crucial for helping to manage all the facets of what we live with everyday!!


IDF Submitted Abstract….

May 29th, 2011


Here is what I submitted as my abstract for IDF 2011 in Dubai

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Diabetes buddies

May 18th, 2011


One of the great things about diabetes, and the online community is diabetes buddies.

People who understand get it.  Sometimes the online community becomes a real life connection as well!!  These connections are crucial, vital, and so worth every minute!

Bayer Didget Reviews

May 5th, 2011

Jaden and the Didget

A little while ago I was approached to see if I knew anyone who would like to try the Bayer Didget and give a review of it.  As luck would have it, I am pretty well connected (or know someone who is really well connected – thanks Gerry!) and was able to find a couple of families who offered to try them out for a week or so.  The families got to keep the Didget, and will hopefully be able to use them down the line.

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C.I.M in N.B.

April 18th, 2011

On April 16th, we held our first Connected in Motion community event in the Moncton Area. Read the rest of this entry »

Checkup at 5.5 years

April 13th, 2011

So yesterday, I had an islet clinic appointment over the phone.

The docs and I talked about my CGM, and what we all thought about the numbers, which are phenomenal by the way.

We gazed into the crystal ball a little, and they feel that the islets are going strong and there is no reason to expect any thing else for the near future.  I was warned about looking both ways when I cross the street.

We talked about statins and colesteral, and even though my numbers are good, I will be 40 this fall, and have had diabetes for a really long time, so a little vascular protection is warranted.  But not until the fall!

So to sum up, my long term results so far are top of the charts, and I feel quite fortunate that way for sure.