Happy Cloudy Day

A little cloudy and whatnot today – but still pretty warm. I am sure it will thunderstorm tonight though – I can feel it in the air!

I am going to be planning our next little class meeting for June right away, and am just trying to decide on a place to go to. I do have a few good ideas though.

Both my walks for diabetes are coming up this weekend – I will be a busy guy this weekend for sure – lets just hope I am feeling OK.

20 minutes after I entered the above, I tested my sugars, and got a High Glucose reading – which means my sugar was higher then 33.3. Yikes! I took a bunch of Humalog, but an hour later it was 30.3 – so my roommate drove me up to emergency, and I spent 5 hours there with an IV, and an insulin drip as well. Well that worked really (too) well, as my 11 I was 3.3. My body feels like it has been beat up – from super high to low in 4 hours. Poor little body.