So every now and then, when you feel like things are going great – diabetes life throws you a little curve ball.

I had mine today, and did not like it one little bit.

I have been running very smooth lately in terms of the transplant, glucose values and all the rest.  So smooth, that I haven’t tested in a while, no real need, and I do not carry my meter around anymore either.  Dex4 in the pocket – why do I need that – only 5 lows in 5 years remember?

Today I had my lunch at 11:30 am or so, some leftover pasta bake and a banana – so maybe 40-60 carbs in total.  I suck at carb counting by the way.  At about 1:30 pm, I decided to walk up to the bank – a 10 minute walk, with the dog to get her and I a little exercise.  So we get there, and I get in line as you need to do at the bank, in order to take care of business.  As I am standing at the tellers window, I start feeling funny – shaky, sweaty, pale I am sure.  My first thought was WTF – followed closely by I wish I had my meter so I could get an exact(ish) BG value to report back to the program.  My 3rd thought was why do I not carry a fast acting glucose tablet?

I finished up quickly at the teller – and there is a little pizza place in the strip mall – so I went in and ordered a slice of pizza – (45-60g Carb) and ate it pretty quickly.  As soon as I started feeling normalish – I walked home with the dog, and tested at 2:10 pm- 3.9 (70) had a muffin (30 carbs).  I guess that I was around 3.0 (54) when I felt it at 1:40 pm.

I followed up with a 6.1 (110) at 2:30 pm and then 7.7 (139) at 3:00 pm and now 8.6 (155) at 4:00 pm.   I am pretty sure I am more or less maxed out for increasing BG values, and should start to descend into normalcy (6.0 or 108) soon.

I emailed my nurse to get her thoughts, and will see what they say – but I think I will do some 7-10 times per day of testing for a few days to see if I can spot any trends myself.

Mental note – carry meter around!  And Dex4!  Eat Balanced Meals!  Lab bloodwork tomorrow!

•  Another mental note – as well as the transplant works for me – it’s not perfect by any stretch.

************** Next Day Update! ****************

Things seem to be setting down a little bit now.  I was 6.2 (111) at 6:00 am, and 5.4 (97) at 7:45 am when I had breakfast (2 c of Rice Krispies and a banana80 ish carbs?). Shot up to 11.2 (201) at 9:40 and then to 9.8 (176) at 10:00 – so the islets are kicking in there!

I wonder however, if I need some lantus to act as a background, or maybe a little extra short acting at meal times…

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2 Responses to Curveballs….

  1. Mike LeBlanc says:

    Sorry to hear that Jason. I can’t even imagine how incredible it must be for you to pretty much live as a non-diabetic after all that you’ve been through and now how scary it could be if this was suddenly taken away… I’m sending positive vibes to your islets right now and told them to start behaving.

    Keep us posted.


    • Jason says:

      Thanks for the vibes Mike – always nice to have them. Interesting to see the bg trends…

      Sugars settled down afterwards –
      3:00 7.7
      4:00 8.6
      5:00 11.9 – I expected this one as my rebound then the islets kick in
      6:00 9.3 w 50 g carb – would have kept falling if I skipped supper, but thats never a good idea either…
      8:00 8.9
      10:00 5.4 – back to normal

      6:00 6.2
      8:00 5.4 w 50 g carb